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Carleton Carpenter Dead: MGM and Broadway Actor Was 95

When he was doing Crazy For You with Karen Ziemba, he had a whole section of I Got Rhythm was right out of Gower’s style. He did not like the actress who was playing Irene Molloy, Joanne Horne. He felt like no one could compare to Marilynn Lovell. He did, however, love playing opposite Jerry Dodge who he would also direct later in How To Succeed. Carleton told him it was the best thing he’d ever read.

One major contribution that Gower made to the theater, according to Carleton, is the moving of scenery. Up until that time, the unions possessed that. He wove the moving of the sets into the action of the play.

  • His other song compositions include “I Wouldn’t Mind”, “A Little Love”, and “Come Away”.
  • And while theater was always his great love – he appeared in 10 Broadway productions – he also had roles in some 50 television and film productions.
  • He also appeared in “Father of the Bride” with Elizabeth Taylor and “Three Little Worlds,” his first collaboration with Debbie Reynolds.
  • He did not like the actress who was playing Irene Molloy, Joanne Horne.

Carleton Carpenter with his pet lion Fagan are traveling with Robert Burton’s small circus when FBI agent William Pullen finds him in a scene from… Carleton Carpenter ponders how is going to get his lion Fagan in doing their act in a scene from the film ‘Fearless Fagan’, 1952. Carleton Carpenter, Jerome Courtland, and Steve Forrest catch up on news from home while Russ Tamblyn amuses himself with card tricks in a scene from… Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Carleton Carpenter began his performing career on Broadway, beginning with David Merrick’s first production, Bright Boy.

However, the owner of the theater did not share their enthusiasm. He was afraid of further injury to Carleton and refused to give the go ahead for him to continue with the show. Carleton, Gower, and Mr. Merrick sat on the steps of the theatre and had a good cry. Enter Garrett Lewis to replace Carleton AND record the London cast recording. Carpenter was also a songwriter, penning such songs as Christmas Eve, which was recorded by Billy Eckstine.


We watched baseball on TV while eating too much ice cream and I would occasionally name an actor or playwright or director and ask, “Did you ever work with —–? ” He always had and then a delightful story or two would follow. He played a rodeo cowboy in the slight romance Sky Full of Moon , then made his final film for MGM, the Korean War drama Take the High Ground! During the Vietnam War, he and Mary Martin took Hello, Dolly! Among the songs Carpenter composed were “Christmas Eve,” recorded by Billy Eckstine, “Cabin in the Woods” and “Ev’ry Other Day,” which he recorded for MGM Records and sang in the 1951 film The Whistle at Eaton Falls.

Carleton Carpenter

Read A. C and saw they were looking for 16 – 17 year old boys for a play called “Bright Boy”. Carleton thought he’d go over to the Mansfield Hotel, 44th Street, top floor, and get a part. It was really cold and Carleton was wearing his new, heavy overcoat. Please note that we cannot save your viewing history due to an arrangement with DISH.

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It’s unclear whether Carleton had siblings or not, as the stage and screen actor never publicly talked about his family life. Let’s explore the biography of this renowned actor-novelist and find out his age, height, net worth, personal life, and best works. Aside from acting, Carpenter is a songwriter and author. His mystery novels have been reissued in paperback, and signed copies are available for $10 directly from the author .

Carleton Carpenter: Actor, author, lion tamer

It was an American film directed by Alfred L. Werker and starred Mel Ferrer, Susan Douglas, and Beatrice Pearson. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. We strive to recommend the very best things that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves – our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents. “It was loosely based on a true story about a guy who was drafted into the army and tried to take his pet lion named Fagan with him,” explained Carpenter. “I had a lion for a co-star, but it was my first star billing – you just go with it.”



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