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Nvidia’s brings back its “hash Limiter” for its RTX 3060 and future graphics cards OC3D News

It’s still the whole protection system, not just the driver. Raytracing is largely a software thing, although real hardware got added to improve ray-triangle and ray-AABB intersection performance. Reminds me of how every modern silicon has a “cutting edge, future technology” neural network built into. 10% cores sounds like softlocked or lasered off cores, rather than a physically different card (unless it’s a single gpu with 10% more cores than a dual GPU). Some people have been getting around 50 Mh/s with this driver.

cracked RTX hash on Nvidia’s 3060

With years of market dominance, Nvidia is known for its performance and quality, both in their cards and their drivers. AMD, on the other hand, hasn’t always carried the same reputation. While they’ve bridged the gap with Nvidia in the current generation, and have redeemed their brand reputation in recent years, AMD hasn’t always had a stellar reputation, causing some to avoid AMD cards completely. The RTX cards are also jam-packed with desirable features that are great for gamers. They feature superior ray tracing capabilities over AMD’s competing RX series cards, and proprietary technologies like DLSS and NVENC. They also tend to have better OpenGL support in Windows, allowing for a better overall gaming experience over AMD’s cards.

Why Nvidia May Have Just Worsened GeForce RTX 3060 Availability

It was clear even before it shipped that it was only aimed at Ethereum. Call it,, or PC Perspective, Jeremy has been hanging out and then working with the gang here for years. Apart from the front page you might find him on the BOINC Forums or possibly the Fraggin’ Frogs if he has the time. Joe has been actively writing and talking about consumer tech since 2012. His biggest passion lies with smartphones, but he’s happy to talk your ear off about just about anything with a CPU. He lives in Kalamazoo, MI with his wife, two cats, and pit bull/boxer mix.

They also dominate the top 10 spots as the most profitable cards to mine with, occupying over half of the list at the time of writing. The most common cryptocurrency that people use GPUs to mine is Ethereum. There are also mining pools like NiceHash, where hashing power goes directly to mining other cryptocurrencies in exchange for Bitcoin.

  • Chances are they’ll still end up being a great deal on the secondhand market whenever there’s a crypto crash.
  • I’ve been with PCMag since October 2017, covering a wide range of topics, including consumer electronics, cybersecurity, social media, networking, and gaming.
  • Just as they can’t take back the driver they done goofed releasing.
  • The harsh reality is that everyone will have to pay higher prices to subsidize mining, or cutting student services elsewhere.

NVIDIA’s hash rate limiter works by determining whether a set of mining algorithms were being run on the GPU and immediately halved the mining rate. But Chinese crypto miners have found a way to bypass this limiter through a mod. NVIDIA came up with a solution last month to this situation, where the players rebelled.

Balance Between Cost and Performance

NVIDIA halved the hash rate of the RTX 3060 for cryptocurrency miners, but they can still earn up to $ 7 per mining day. Popular mining software NiceHash has finally cracked NVIDIA’s LHR lock. This restriction is placed on all GeForce RTX 30xx GPUs other than the RTX 3090, cutting their Ethereum hash rate by half, greatly diminishing revenue as well as efficiency. After an entire year of work from various miners, including NBMiner, and NiceHash, developers have entirely gotten rid of the nerf. All graphics cards except the RTX 2070 were tested on the same system with Intel’s Alder Lake i K processor, while only the RTX 2070 was tested on a workstation with Intel’s Core i processor. At this point, we should remind you that GPU-accelerated attacks place very little load on the processor (approximately 3% to 6% usage per processor core), which makes such tests independent of the processor.

And quite a lot of people attribute the lack of real world “testing” of nuclear weapons since then to that specific event. I’m putting together a workstation for my research group and the only thing I’m missing is the GPU. Apparently supply is the worst it’s ever been and I can’t find anything even 1-2 generations old that isn’t marked up 2x.

way array of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 used in a single mining rig

XD Nvidia couldn’t sell them as video cards, so they’re shoveling them out as CMP cards. The cards are probably more energy efficient at lower speeds (ie lower MH/s, but higher MH/watt). The larger crypto farms are spending millions on electricity every month. It’s conceivable that they downclock the GPUs they have to optimize profits. If someone’s electricity isn’t metered, then MH/s may be all that matters to them regardless of MH/watt.



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